About Us

The Story Behind Man Around The House

Many years ago our father, John Wittmaack, started Man Around the House as a light bulb changing business to supplement his retirement. (He changed light bulbs for elderly people who couldn’t climb ladders to reach their chandeliers.) After winning the trust and confidence of his customers, they would ask him to do odd jobs around their homes.

Our dad got so busy that he asked us (Terrence and Jonathan) to join the business. As the story goes, small jobs led to bigger jobs and the business mushroomed. Unfortunately, John Wittmaack lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on March 8, 2002.

We took over the business and continue to live by the same principles and values that our father taught us…

us_small 1) If you love what you do, it’s not work.
2) When you retain experienced and skilled craftsman, offer superior service, and provide the best value, you will earn the trust of your customers.
3) Always do right by people — let your reputation speak for you.

Once again our dad was right. His simple values have contributed to consistent business growth over the years. In fact, we have worked in well over half the homes in Ridgewood, New Jersey, and have since expanded to surrounding communities. We live in this community and view our customers as neighbors and friends.

Through the years we’ve employed some of the finest craftsman in the trades and developed an extensive network of subcontractors to round out our services. Today, you’ll see our vans in neighboring towns doing home renovations, home repair services, and seasonal maintenance. We are proud and humbled that our customers tell their friends that we’re honest, perform quality work, and most important that we care.

New Jersey Home Improvement Services:

Renovations & Remodels
Home Repair Services
Professional Painting