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Terry and Jon Wittmaack’s father started a small business changing light bulbs for old ladies with big houses. The two brothers have taken that little family business and transformed it into a full-blown home remodeling company that does more than 1,000 projects a year – and they’re not just changing bulbs anymore. DIY Network’s Brothers on Call takes you into the hectic and often hilarious world of two brothers taking home improvement to the next level. The ultra-competitive world of construction might just be the easy part of the job; running a company with your polar-opposite brother is the biggest challenge.Brothers on Call gives homeowners useful home improvement tips and inspires them to take on projects of their own, all through the entertaining antics of two brothers.



Jon Wittmaack left the wine industry behind when he partnered with his brother, Terry Wittmaack, to run their father’s home improvement business, Man Around the House. This small business started with one man changing light bulbs for the elderly and eventually blasted into a full-scale renovation and remodeling business run by the two brothers. Together, Jon and Terry rip out, tear down, rebuild and improve homes in Northern New Jersey. On DIY Network’s new series Brothers on Call, they are helping people and changing lives, one renovation at a time.

Even though Terry Wittmaack might have started managing restaurants in the New York City area, he now jumps at the opportunity to improve a home and help a friend in his community. In 1998, Terry and his brother, Jon (on right), joined forces with their father to build their own home improvement business, Man Around the House, a full-service residential home remodeling, renovation and maintenance company servicing Northern New Jersey. This family business started as a one-man operation changing light bulbs and has grown due to their father’s motto: “Always do right by people – let your reputation speak for you.” Terry and his brother now star in DIY Network’s new series Brothers on Call, where they are helping people and changing lives, one renovation at a time.